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The safety of your electrical systems is paramount, whether your site is a family-owned home or commercial business property.


Providing professional electrical services across Berkshire, Bracknell, Ascot, Windsor and the surrounding areas.

All our services are carried out by qualified electricians who not only work professionally, but are incredibly friendly and customer-focused, too.

We are based in Bracknell, Berkshire; but are by no means ‘restricted’ where our services are concerned. The team often commutes for bookings across the region, what’s best is that we always maintain timeliness and reliability for all the jobs we commit ourselves to.


Sometimes referred to as a ‘consumer unit’, the fuse boards are relatively easy to find on sites, as this is where the electricity is controlled.

Fuse boxes will inevitably need to be upgraded over time, as the quality and general function of them will deter, making them a serious safety hazard.

Whether it’s a case of loose electrical screws or electrical wires that need to be refitted, our team can help ensure that your site’s fuse box is running as smoothly – and safely – as possible.


Our team of specialists offer a reliable electrical rewiring service, that is in-line with safety and local authority law. As you would expect, we bear the sockets, switches, and lighting points in mind, too.

As well as doing a professional job that’ll noticeably upgrade your site’s electrical systems, we pride ourselves in our workmanship, ensuring that our finish is always tested, and tidy.


Right from planning to the eventual installation, our electricians work closely with your brief and site requirements, when fitting brand new electrical systems. We plan, prepare, design, install and design all our fittings, to a high quality.

As well as keeping energy consumption and installations costs low, we work in-line with the changing safety and building laws and regulations.


If you are planning an extension to your home or commercial property, our team can offer a reliable and approved solution for all your electrical requirements.

Following a site extension, a brand-new rewire may not always be necessary, where connecting to an existing circuit is possible (as long as it is up-to-date with the current standards and regulations). However, if a rewire is needed, our qualified team will talk you through the entire process and provide you with a full certification of the work carried out.


Blown fuses and tripped circuits are both an inconvenience and potential safety hazard. As they can occur at any time, it’s important to have a reliable service provider who can get you up and running again.

Our team of specialists offer inspections too, where electrical faults can be detected and repaired on the same day. Our tests are thorough and in-line with regulations; we also make use of the best fault-finding electrical equipment.


It is required by law to carry out portable appliance testing on premises that can be used by employers, employees, customers, and the public. The tests check that all appliances are in safe condition.

Examples of portable appliances include computers, printers, heaters, and televisions; generally, any appliance that can be plugged into a socket, even if it cannot be moved.

Given the dangers associated with faulty appliances, PAT testing is an important part of any health and safety act. Our team of specialists carry these out in full. As guidelines suggest, they focus on: visual inspection, testing procedure, insulation test, operation test, earth leakage test, and flash test.

Following a full inspection, you will be given testing documents for your own records, and peace of mind.


Our services cover domestic and commercial lighting. So, whether you are looking for a single light repair, or a brand-new lighting installation as a feature in your property, our electricians will work around your preferences and requirements.

All our lighting installations will always be fully tested and certified, leaving you with as little to worry about, as possible.


You may need extra power sockets fitted into your domestic or commercial site, or a brand-new installation of a complete electricity system; either way, our expert electricians are at hand with their skills and knowledge of electrical fittings and safety.

Large fittings will only take place after we have had a consultation with you, and understood your specific brief, requirements, and budget.


If the electricity system in your office needs to be upgraded, or simply fitted in from scratch, then our professional electricians can work closely with you from design, right up until installation.

All our fittings will be in-line with your budget, expectations, and most importantly all contractual and legal guidelines. Whether your office is based in a domestic or commercial property, ensuring that the electricity system is working smoothly, is fundamental.




Outdoor power and lighting can raise the aesthetic appeal of any domestic and commercial site. Our services not only transform the look of a garden or patio area, they are installed using safer solutions, by our qualified team of electricians.

As well as adding character to an outside area, outdoor power is also great for security; even during the darker winter months.

All fittings are carried out with the all-important regulations and guidelines in place. Safety is a larger issue where outdoor power is concerned, so we carefully consider weather conditions, proper coverings, and the type of cables being used to supply the electricity.